After being fans of Wyland’s artwork for several years and collecting several of his pieces, we started  noticing some of the walls he painted. In looking into the walls we learned some of the story behind them.  As described on Wikipedia the walls:

“which are large outdoor murals by the artist Wyland, featuring images of life-size gray whales, breaching humpback whales, blue whales, and other sea life. Whaling Walls are created by invitation of the communities, institutions, and building owners of the structures on which they are painted. The one hundredth wall, dedicated in June 2008, marked the completion of Wyland’s dream to share his love of marine life with 100 communities around the world”

We started a more focused approach to visit as many of these walls as possible. We try to get our picture in front of each wall which is sometimes a challenge. Wikipedia has a page listing all the walls which we’re updating as we get new information. Wyland originally painted 100 walls but there are only 80 remaining. This blog chronicles our adventure of visiting these walls.

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