Santa Monica #79

Our company Christmas party was in Santa Monica and since we needed to spend the night it gave us a great opportunity to visit “Santa Monica’s Marine Life” on the Pier.  With a clear and crisp morning we took a nice walk to the pier and walked the entire pier looking for the mural but to no avail.  We asked at the police station on the pier but they could not help us. We asked at the lifeguard station and got lucky, or so we thought. One of the lifeguards told us the mural was on Ocean Blvd by 4th.

It was a bit of a walk to get there and when we got there there was a great whale mural along the road, but it was not a Wyland.

This led us to the unfortunate conclusion that the wall is extinct. We were too late. This wall was originally painted at Will Rogers State Beach and then moved to Santa Monica Pier. Google maps does have some pictures of the wall while still in place so you can see it’s final resting place.

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