Beijing, China #100

While on my first trip to Beijing I managed to plan a free afternoon and remembered Wyland painted a wall for the Olympics. Searching the Internet in China can be a little bit of a challenge and getting reliable information on the wall was difficult. After some work I found that it was in Chaoyang Park. The park is large and I was not sure I could find it but it was worth a try.

Getting to the park was easy but as it was a cold Thursday afternoon the park was mostly deserted. I started walking through the park in search. I tried to ask a few guards I found but neither their English, nor my Chinese, were good enough to point me in the right direction. After a couple of hours I managed to get to all areas of the park that I thought could contain a mile long mural. I was sad not to have found it.

Once I got home I was able to determine that the wall was removed, almost right after it was painted.

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